"Remember, Brains over Brawn. With the World Mover plasmid, you can make that statement become reality."

-adviretisment for the World Mover plasmid.

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The World Mover plasmid: "Shrug off the ones who hold you back and reach for the stars".

World Mover is a type of Plasmid in Rapture.


"I have harnessed to much power of God, and people only want me to harness more. No, this must stop now."-Doctor Filip Ostrowski .

The World Mover Plasmid was possibly the greatest Plasmid to be created and never released. The World Mover allowed the user to gain an almost "higher conciousness" through greater access of the Brain. Basically an itteligence multiplier, the World Mover gave access to 70% of the brain, allowing for more room to store information. It also allowed the user to gain higher thinking patterns than before.

With the World Mover Plasmid, the dumb could become scientists while the scientists could become Gods of knowledge. This began to gain the attention of some of Rapture's most privileged men, and some World Mover plasmids were sold to them. Scientists around Rapture began to make successful inventions and equations, gaining the popularity of citizens everywhere from Olympus Heights to Pauper's Drop.


Doctor Filip Ostrowski, a former chemical scientist on the surface, developed the World Mover plasmid for Ryan Industries in 1955 in secret. The World Mover plasmid was planned to be released in 1956, but Ostrowski insisted to Andrew Ryan that he needed to run more tests. He also promised that the Plasmid could be released publicly by 1958.

However, before the Rapture Civil War started on New Year's Eve 1959; Doctor Ostrowski( the inventor of the World Mover plasmid) tried to destroy the plans for his plasmid. He understood the problems with his plasmid, and how it could make the user more insane than any other plasmid. But Ryan suspected that Filip was planning to destroy the documents, and quickly threw Filip into prison.


The World Mover plasmid increased the itteligence of the user through the advanced chemicals that were added into the ADAM. The plasmid's chemicals would then latch onto the DNA in the Brain, and would procede to rewire it to become slightly larger (which would lead to some of the users, after becoming Splicers, to have extremely large craniums).

The World Mover plasmid was also only supposed to be used once-in-a-while as supposed to everytime the user felt he needed more. Non-stop usuage of the drug would lead to cranial swelling (as said above), insanity, heart-attacks or strokes, chest pains, twiches, and even in some cases Telepathy and Telekinesis.