Sylvester - Radio
Sylvester Spliced
"You screwed with the wrong mister, Andy. I may not be the prettiest face in Rapture no more, but that don't mean I still can't get a little followin'. My family is locked, loaded, and ready to meet your head twisted on that post.

-Sylvester McClinttock

Sylvester Arnold McClinttock is a former mobster from New York City, as told by his accent. Came down to Rapture by request of Andrew Ryan to help his city, in a matter of days Sylvester owned The Silver Bullet Casino and Resturant and secretly monoplizing other major casinos in Rapture through bribery and extortion with his "Friends" The McClinttock Gang. His business boomed as one-by-one casinos throughout Rapture fall, the economy began to take it's toll and Sylvestor became a millionaire by jacking up his prices. Suddenly the war hit, and in order to keep himself safe from the recently "unsatisified customers" he began splicing and slowly lost his mind.

History to RaptureEdit