"Protecting Rapture at all costs! Sea-Kret Services, your all around Big Daddy Builder!"


Sea-Kret Services was the primary builder of Big Daddies after the Civil War began. The owner, Giovanni Cazmer, promised Ryan that he would use his Big Daddies to protect Rapture at all costs. But as more and more Big Daddies fell prey to the ever-growing splicer population, Giovanni Cazmer began to splice his Big Daddies. This caused horrid mutations in many of the Big Daddies and eventually Giovanni began to splice himself. Sea-Kret Services soon fell into a state of madness as the Civil War continued, slowly affecting the staff and employees of the company before the events of 1965.

History of Sea-Kret ServicesEdit

Inside SS

The ruins of Sea-Kret Services lobby

"Andrew Ryan entrusted me with his city, I will not fail him! I can NOT fail!"

-Giovanni Cazmer

Sea-Kret Services began sometime during the 1940's, it was known for its bodyguards and protection it provided for many of the wealthy people of Rapture. Then, in 1947, Andrew Ryan trusted him with the grafting of Big Daddies. Many of the employees were forced into Big Daddy Suits and given Little Sisters. As time progressed, the experimentation of Big Daddies advanced.

In 1955, Andrew Ryan gave Sea-Kret Services orders to use criminals, crime lords, and even normal civilians who volunteered. One of their biggest failures was a man named Jack Taylor, who was the first "Epsilon Series" to be introduced. They all were failures and the project was closed, They continued on, and met many more gruesome failures because of the advancing Plasmid industry and soon stopped fusing Big Daddies and plasmids.

In 1959, with the Civil War going on. Sea-Kret Services was hit the hardest by the angry Splicers who's families were turned into Big Daddies. As a defense, Giovanni Cazmer ordered to mass produce Big Daddies ar all costs, and that all his staff begin splicing as a defense against the Splicer onslaught. They soon lost their minds and turned on Giovanni, who soon killed them all and kept working on the big Daddies.