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Petrify is a plasmid designed a year before the New Year Riots, that will turn your enemies to stone. As the plasmid is leveled up, it gains new abilities and uses.


  • Level one: manifests itself as skin on the left hand becomes hard, grey, and stone-like. It can turn weak splicers to stone with one shot. The effect lasts for 30 seconds. If a petrified splicer is attacked with a wrench, they will break into stone fragments, that can be picked up with telekinesis and thrown at enemies.
  • Level two: Same as above, but now manifests itself as stone-like skin with some cracks in it. It can also now petrify brute splicers and big daddies for ten seconds.

Level three: same as level two, but manifests itself as grey cracked skin with diamond growing in the cracks. If you petrify someone, you can carry them around to block damage from enemies, but when the statue's health goes to zero, they shatter, and fragments are thrown at enemies. Also, if charged and fired at the ground, it creates Stone armor that double's the users health until they lose half of their newly gained health.