Exp. 222 Symbol
Exp. 222
"Tired of being defenseless, but too afriad of weapons. Then try Metamorph, hurt your enemies by changing your body or confuse them by being someone else. Wow!"

-Unreleased Plasmid Commercial

The "Metamorph" plasmid was never officially released during the civilized reign of Andrew Ryan, mostly because of the side effects mentioned by Dr. Lloyd Stevenson, who states in his audio diary Enough is Enough, "Insanity from overdosing is fine and dandy, facial mutations we can cure, but exploding limbs and melting skin is going too far". Obviously by this short statement, Metamorph still had a lot of bugs in it. It was never officially released though as you travel through Vulcan District, a lot of posters told that they were planning to release it shortly after when the riots started.

One sample dubbed "Plasmid Exp. #222" was given to Elijah Shayd by Frank Fontaine, in audio file "Trickin' the Trickster" he mentions that "...Giving that bozo the idea I actually cared was the greatest con next to Atlas, by giving him Metamorph, I gave him a death wish.", Shayd uses Metamorph and he instantly becomes out of control, his hands changing from blade to blade, swords to hammers and quickly attacks Benjamin. Who soon afterwards kills Shayd.