Meredith in her school uniform.


"What I discovered was not at all a paradise, but an underwater damnation."

Meredith was a seventeen year-old high school student living in a small town off the coast of Pennsylvania. She had recieved an e-mail from a mysterious agnecy asking if she would like an interview to become a model for their agency. Accepting the offer, Meredith boarded a train to meet the mysterious man. Suddenly, the train had a massive black-out as the train was engulfed in flames. People say that the cause of the train crash had been the coal-fire; it got out of control and burned the train, along with almost everyone in it. Meredith was the only person to escape.

Stepping onto a sandy bank, she saw a gold contraption floating in the ocean. Swimming toward it, Meredith climbed inside to look for a phone. Being unsuccessful, the bathysphere door closes on her and plunges underwater, delivering her to the underwater utopia that was Rapture. Now, she looks to find a way to escape Rapture while defending herself from splicers, using her favorite fully-upgraded duel pistols.