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"This city needs a hero, a true John Wayne to bring this place to Paradise. I am that John Wayne, look out Rapture there's a new law in this town and his name is Norman Mathers."

-Lt. Norman Mathers

Lieutenant Norman Mathers was an officer for the Rapture Security Forces. He was an idealistic, some what obsessive, man who dreamed of being the hero whenever possible. After defeating and killing Frank Fontaine, supposedly, he was awarded the "Rapture Medal of Outstanding Merit" which was soon turned into a slaughter as splicers killed much of the Police Department. Feeling that Fontaine was still out there, he began splicing in efforts to strengthen himself to killing Fontaine. Even after the death of Altas and Ryan, he believes that Fontaine still lives and now prowls the streets.


"Fontaine is still out there, laughing at me; Mocking me with his laugh! He is still alive, i don't care what those damned Splicers say! I know I'm RIGHT!"

-Lt. Norman Mathers

Norman Mathers served in the US Army during World War II for the United States, more than likely where he developed his love of heroism. Soon afterwards he got married to a Rebecca Cresca,