"What the hell is this shit? Everythin' leakin' around here, no good beds, wet floors......"

Diver's Den was another poor section on the outskirts of the city of Rapture.
Underwater city

A view from Diver's Den.


Early YearsEdit

During the late 40's when Rapture was being built, many of the deep sea divers and construction crews lived underneath the sea in small "homes" of sorts. As they lived in their pressurized homes, they would then go to work on building the rest of the cities buildings. After Rapture was complete, many of these workers (like the one's in Pauper's Drop), found that they could not live in the rich and glamourous lifestyle.

So, the workers of Rapture were forced to live their existance near a ocean trench, with power outages and leaking water a matter of life. Crime, drugs, and poverty spread like wildfire through Diver's Den; making it virtually unsafe for any of the 'Rich Folk' to come by. Andrew Ryan even had to supply the area with security, an action he himself did not even want to take. For a couple of years, many of Diver's Den lived an decent lifestyle.

Rapture Civil WarEdit

During the 1950's, resentment againist Andrew Ryan grew quickly in Diver's Den. With this, smuggling was a prime industry in Diver's Den; which futher deepered the resentment when Ryan's security began to attack the smugglers. With this, Ryan was attacking the very livelyhood of the citizens of Diver's Den. So, when the Civil War erupted on New Year's Eve; the people of Diver's Den were one of the groups that revolted againist Ryan's Rule.

Many of the officers that were stationed at Diver's Den on the New Years Eve were quickly killed, and the Pro-Atlas rebels began to steal the officers weapons and Plasmids. Diver's Den, like many other sections of the city of Rapture, were extremely addicted to ADAM.