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Big Ben DiGarmo 2
"Elijah Shayd still has his twisted hands all over Vulcan District, sure Carlsburg is a threat but "Big Ben" DiGarmo is a beast with a lust for human blood"

-Henry North

"Big Ben" Benito DiGarmo was Elijah Shayd's personal bodyguard. In one of his audio diaries, Elijah mentions that he knew Benito DiGarmo on the surface as a boxer and that he helped Ben come to Rapture via stowaway. While in Rapture, Elijah Shayd opened up multiple illegal businesses, one that was never found was beneath Riveter's Rest called "Golden Fists" an underground boxing league where patrons would challenge Benito DiGarmo to fights, of course due to his excessive splicing he became virtually unstoppable to all normal folks of Rapture.


It is unsure how Big Benito DiGarmo managed to reach Rapture, but all that is known is that he stowed away on a boat with Elijah Shayd. Little is known about this boisterous giant other than that during his life in Rapture, he worked as Champion in "Golden Fists" Boxing Arena beneath the bar, Riveter's Rest.